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Pay It Forward Event Winner!

March 02, 2018

Back in November, the Enterprise created and delivered over 75 baskets to each site across the enterprise.  In the basket was the opportunity to participate in a Pay It Forward project that gave back to others in the community.  The groups that submitted their projects and pictures were then entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card.


Congratulations to the winners of the drawing – Four Oaks Quality Group!  The group raised money through Heifer International to buy a llama, a goat, and a flock of chicks to improve the lives of villagers in a third world country. 

While this lucky group will receive the $100 gift card, the CARE team wants to thank all of the groups who submitted their projects for the drawing.  Below is a list of other projects that were reported as part of the Pay It Forward initiative.  

Access and Intake: Organized a food drive that benefited a local TotalChild family

  • Human Resources: Collected donations for a local dog shelter
  • Finance: Adopted a coworker and her children for Christmas
  • Family Resources Administration: Collected canned goods, coffee and boxed food for Kings Harvest Ministries, an area homeless shelter
  • Grinnell: Created a hate and glove tree and donated to children in need in the community
  • Ottumwa Safety and Permanency: Organized a toy and food drive for 50 people on their caseloads
  • Ankeny/RRTS Contract Staff: Filled duffel bags for older youth in shelter

Thank you for your generosity and creativity!

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